Professional instrument for multiple uses. It can be ideal for searching and checking heat bridges, heat losses, heating pipes, underfloor heating in buildings, but it can also be used to control the temperature of various surfaces, parts of industrial machines, cars, ships, and aircraft. Thanks to the built-in memory and expandability with the microSD card, you can store a lot of photos along with the temperature data that comes with it, providing you with more material to do analysis, reports. The built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery allows long-lasting operation of the instrument.

The large, adjustable brightness touch screen provides easy operation even in strong sunlight. The intelligent processing unit projects data from a thermal camera onto a camera image transmitted by a conventional camera. Touching a point on the display will display the temperature data for that area. The variable 9 temperature scales result in easy-to-read temperature differences.

  • Large colored touch screen
  • Easy to use, quick measurement
  • Large rechargeable battery (2500 mAh)
  • Photo and video capture mode
  • High / low temperature alarm
  • Adjustable screen brightness
  • Non-slip grip
  • Can be attached to tripod
  • Rubber cap on connectors

Power source: Battery
Battery type: 18650 - 3,7 V Li-ion, 2500 mAh
Display: 2,8" colored LCD
Touchscreen type: Resistive (pressure sensitive)
Controls: 7 buttons + touch screen
Sensors: 32 x 32 heat sensor, camera
Built in storage space: 1 GB
Expandability: Yes, MicroSD card maximum 64 GB
Connector: MiniUSB - USB (to connect and charge on PC )
Operating time: aprox. 6 hours (depends on settings)
Auto power off: Yes, after 5 minutes
Operating temperature: -10°C - (+50°C)
Storage temperature: -20°C - (+60°C)
Infrared image resolution: 32 x 32 (1024 pixel)
Image Resolution: 0,2 megapixel
Viewing angle, minimum focal length: 33° x 33° / 0,1 m
Maximum Distance: 1,6 m
Heat sensitivity: 0,15°C
Temperature measurement range: -30°C - (+100°C)
Focal length: Fixed
Wavelength range: 8 - 11,5 ųm
Display mode: 5 types
Image format: BMP / JPG
Video format: MP4
Protection class: IP20
Tripod socket type: 6.35 mm (1/4")
Size: 220 x 62 x 50 mm
Weight: 128 g
Color: Red / Black

User Manual