General Digital Multimeter, which has the capability to connect and transfer the measured data to your PC. It has a huge range of measurement options, automatic system, quick change between the measured rates. The backlight LCD display makes it easy to see your measurements in any lighting conditions.
Display: 4 digits
AC V: 1mV - 750V
DC V: 0.1mV - 1000V
AC A: 0.1μA - 10A
DC A: 0.1μA - 10A
Resistance: 0.1Ω - 40MΩ
Temperature: -20°C - +1000°C
Capacity: 10pF - 100μF
Frequency: 0.001Hz - 30MHz
Duty cycle: 0.1% - 99%
Diode test:
PC connection:
Relative measuring mode:
Continuity test:
Auto power-off:
Data hold:
• Test leads (1 set)
• Alligator clips (1 set)
• K-type thermocouple
• USB adapter with cable
• PC-link software CD
• 2xAAA, 1,5 V battery

User Manual
Universal Software